Musica en vivo

The Johnny Mowton Experience

with „The Johnny Mowton Experience“ (a.k.a.: The J.M.E.)

The Teulada rastro, which has quite a unique atmosphere, has featured The Johnny Mowton Experience performing their special take on those “Songs you Remember”, since it re-opened in 2010.

Why special? – “We play our music the way that we think it should sound. We find a song that appeals to us for one special reason or another and then we start to re-arrange, and, at times, even re-compose, perhaps adding a little of something new to an older composition.
Occasionally we also slip in one of Johnny’s compositions again ‘tuned’ to our own musical taste.” – says the band.


CDs on sale

There is usually time to have a chat, pick up a business card or buy one of the five CD´s that the band has produced (or all five of them if you like – yes, quite a few people have purchased all five and are asking for the release date of number six!).

Again a quote from the band: “We´re here to support the rastro but the rastro also supports us; the fantastic ambience allows us to air new material, which is a so much more friendly way of doing things than serenading the unresponsive walls of a rehearsal-room”.

The J.M.E. start playing at 10:30h and stop at 13:00h though they will probably treat these times with the same kind of latitude that they apply to their music.

For more informations and upcoming gigs, please have a look at the Webseite.